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Technology tools to help you work from home with ease.

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When you have the right tools, it’s much easier to build your business without wondering where to begin. We’ve collected a few trusted tools to guide you towards success.
How to Find Work In A Remote Economy
Getting used to the new normal requires an adjustment, and changing your work style does too. COVID-19 has changed the economy as we once knew it. This session will provide insights and tips for candidates to prepare themselves for what employees are looking for and how to prepare yourself as the new employee.
Business Development
The new paradigm shift has directed everyone to account for their future by using business skills as the platform. Even, if you’re not directly running your own enterprise, it’s imperative to understand the basics of business management, and functionality to efficiently work remotely. Our courses prepare you to stand alone, or position yourself as a contractor. Identifies the best building steps, organization structures, legal compliance, growth, development, and strategies for expansion. So, if you’re looking to understand or create your own company, these are the beginning stages of being responsible for your career and future.
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