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In our last post, we talked about leaving a legacy for your loved ones. Hopefully, you began taking action to fulfill your vision. This week, I want to expand the conversation. Most of the time, we think about plans, strategizing, and fail to execute. Did you know that execution is the number one reason people find themselves in the same position year after year? It’s all because they allow their minds to become coerced into not taking action and make their vision become alive.

You can implement small steps for starters, and eventually, they’ll add up to a whole project. Just list your goals out one by one, and sub-list the necessary steps. Assign yourself a task a day, week, or month if it’s too overwhelming, but plan it out. A simple project management tool like Jumple can help you organize each step. When you do, you’ll feel so much better knowing that you’re working toward a goal and will be in a different position next month, or next year. It’s essential to begin taking yourself seriously. Besides, if you can’t convince yourself to be serious, how can you expect anyone else to motivate you to do something different?

Perhaps, you want to combine your learned skills and start a business and generate additional income with a side-hustle, pay off some bills, or set aside funds for a vacation? It all begins when you utilize discipline and take action. We understand the challenges of transitioning into the remote working world and having to start the job search all over again. Learning the fundamentals of Project Management can be the most efficient way to migrate your previous work experience with new methodologies required for tomorrow’s processes.

Why should you prepare to work from home?

In the world of technology, everything will soon be remote. Preparation is the key. It’s time to prepare yourself for the shift most employers will soon be making to reduce their overhead expenses while searching for flexible employees, understanding how to utilize systems, and having digital experience. The digital arena is not as judgmental and doesn’t quietly discriminate against age or physical stamina. Employers consider longevity, but expertise and discipline take precedence. Consider your experience and knowledge when it pertains to managing projects and the training you’ve had that provided you the ability to complete previous projects. If you feel challenged with finding employment after a transition, consider learning how to manage digital projects or product development using the fundamentals of a project management certification. It’s a skill that will apply to any significant project. Here’s a list of examples and how creatives are managing projects:

  • Event Planning
  • Photography Projects
  • Film/Video Productions
  • Radio Productions
  • Sound Productions
  • Article Writing
  • Book Projects
  • Marketing Management
  • Social Media Managers
  • Administrative Executives
  • Logistics Management
  • Product Development, and much more…

The Department of Labor indicates these career endeavors will grow upwardly during this new decade, and the pay wages rang from $48K – $132K. For a nominal investment, you can shift the direction of your future just by investing your time. Don’t allow yourself to become resistant to change and become left behind. Preparation today will create opportunities for your tomorrow. Don’t delay making quantum leaps with your career any longer. Start your creative journey today with the SHE VET Academy. Want to connect in other ways?

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