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COVID-19 Will Shift Things as We’ve Known It

Until recently, most Americans never considered working from home, and it seems forbidden for those who allowed it to cross their minds. It’s taken a panoramic virus to cause us to view things from a different perspective. Now, forced to reconsider the methodologies we practice, and it’s pointing to our ability for virtual readiness.

How has America’s workforce shifted due to the COVID-19 virus?

For most employers, they’d rather have workers near ensure tasks are supervised and completed promptly and managed. However, times are changing. Could it be we’ve become too comfortable with our daily procedures and operations that we weren’t prepared for an unexpected change in literally every business in the U.S?

Now, we’re forced to discover new ways to operate and continue our daily routines. Educational Schools are now providing distance education to complete the current year curriculum. Practitioners are offering virtual appointments, and employers are trying to discover ways to keep their enterprise operations with remote workers. Unfortunately, not all positions are suitable for virtual readiness.

How can we get prepared for new ways of working and business development?

So, where do we go from here? How do we ensure that we’re not caught off guard again in the future? I’ve listed a few benefits that are related to working remotely. What you’ll need to do is review your current regime to see how you can begin designing a flexible work schedule that fits your needs? Then, ask yourself, “will this work with my current employer?” If not, perhaps it may be time to reinvent your career by deciding which one may fit your needs either as a side hustle or a shift of jobs?

There is a multitude of benefits to working virtually

Flexibility: Instead of having a fully operated office that may only get utilized 50% of the time, perhaps you can rent a coworking space. These are shared offices occupied by innovative entrepreneurs from all industries as remote workers who need to surround themselves in an energetic environment to accomplish their goals. Coworking spaces work as a hub for productivity, networking, technology, or community connecting opportunities.

Innovation & Passion:

Employers and employees are often happier and can cause a greater impact, be more efficient, and focused on their mission because of remote arrangements. When people are less stressed, they’re more likely to be more creative and willing to give more performance. They want to continue having a high level of freedom and work-life balance. So, they give their best ideas to ensure the security of their job.

Health & Wellness:

Having a good bill of health is one of the most significant benefits for both parties. Employers can provide great insurance plans at lower rates and reduce the overhead and the commute for personnel. While employees may benefit from affordable medical co-pays and, great benefits, and the opportunity to include exercising during their time frame. Employees become committed, and virtual readiness becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

These are just a few benefits that integrate with working remotely. Be sure to read next week’s article. We’ll cover the myths of working remotely. If you’re considering transitioning to become a remote employee or worker, learn more about how the Certified Associate Project Management Course can help you or your team’s ability to elevate performance, keep tasks on point and increase its productivity. Register today and become a Certified Jr, project manager. A new opportunity awaits you to utilize your life-experience or military skills.

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